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Industry Specific Solutions

Each industry has unique application and market needs, we create solutions to address requirements and deliver high quality parts. Our industry experience can identify the right method, material and quality controls to ensure projects are delivered on time and accurate.

3D Printing Automotive Parts


We deliver our expertise to aerospace production enabling us to deliver machine and material certification, and the ability to produce parts quickly. We deliver lightweight, complex parts, forming tools, in a fifth of the time, it would take to produce traditionally manufactured parts.

3D Printing Automotive Parts


The motorsport industry involves some the harshest and most extreme testing environments to ensure safe, high-quality parts. With our array of rugged materials and technologies, transportation companies can produce consolidated, lightweight parts to create more efficient vehicles.

3D Printing Medical Supplies


Medical manufacturers are using advanced manufacturing services to bring breakthrough solutions to doctors, patients and research institutions. We offer a wide range of technologies and medical-specific materials to maximize efficiency and customization like never before.

3D Printing Oil Rig Materials


The energy industry is beginning to make big advancements with additive manufacturing through more efficient, on-demand, lightweight components and specially formulated materials, answering to diverse requirements and field functions.

Automated Services


At Rapid Application Group, we can serve any industry to deliver your next project with confidence, accuracy, and on-time. Start a quote today to get started.

We are ready to build your next project. Request a quote to get started.